What we're after are lives where we can weather the storms, celebrate the good stuff and keep showing up. Our products are designed to support you as you grow such a life.

Whether you invited change or it crashed down on you, you have what it takes to create a strong, rich, satisfying life – one that is uniquely and spectacularly yours.

There will be days when you don’t want to get out of bed. There will be changes that you think you cannot survive.

There will also be glitter dusting the joy sprinkled down into your heart. There will be a warm glow of peace that sits at the base of your spine and energizes everything you do.

And all of it… All of it… All of it is sacred gift.

Mindful: bringing your attention to your physical experience in this moment, you find beauty.
Compassionate: softening toward yourself and others, you find joy.
Creative: responding to this beauty using your imagination, you make meaning.

Our Story

Our philosophy comes from founder, Kate Wolfe-Jenson, who explains it all in her e-book, Comfort & Joy: Life as a Creative, Compassionate Experiment.

She had been using "creative experiments" for years to help her wrangle her monsters (internal critical voices) and get through life's rough spots. As a child, Kate participated in writing, visual arts, and music, theater and dance. (At 12, she read biographies of Leonardo da Vinci and thought, "yes – that!") For a few unfortunate years in early adulthood, she tried to put creative expression behind her – enter multiple sclerosis and depression. Expressing herself through the arts turned her back toward life. 

Kate's first book, Dancing with Monsters: Chronic Illness as Creative Transformation, chronicles her journey reclaiming her life through creative experiments. Her second book, Mac and his Monster, illustrates a parable she discovered along the way.